Wide Space Management Sdn. Bhd.

We give cheap and timely service so that our customer can do proper planning in procuring and sending their workers.

Our services

Foreign Worker Recruitment

We specialize in recruit, deploy and manage reliable foreign manpower of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers for Malaysian business core activity.

Air Travel Services

We also recognized as one topmost and most respected travel and ticketing agencies in the country.

Tour Operation

We introduce our organization “Harvest Nepal Holidays” which is service oriented company by a group of experience travels and tourism professionals.

We're a global partnership company

"All who think cannot but see there is a sanction like that of religion which binds us in partnership in the serious work of the world."

WSM Mission and Vision

  • To give assisting to recruiting various categories of manpower.
  • To give suggestions, counselling and ideas to our clients in all aspects of the business.
  • To provide anticipates reaching its destination recognizing its stand in the region for the provision of manpower recruiting services to foreign countries.

Recruitment and Selection Procedure

  • Begin Process

    Demand from Employer

    Receive all set of documents from employers.

  • First Permission Issuance

    From Labour Ministry. Takes 2 days time for issuance.

  • Marketing and Obtaining Candidates

    Advertising from different media, internal and visiting training institutes. It take 1 week for marketing and collection.

  • Collection of Documents

    Such as CV and Application forms

  • Screening of Documents

    It takes a day for screening the documents

  • Selected

    Invited for further Interview

    Rejected Stop

    Filed for future reference

  • Pre-Selected Call for Final Interview

    It takes one week time to call candiates for pre-interview.

  • Final Selected Call for Documentation

    It takes one week time each to call candiates for documentation and final interview.

  • After Selection Process

    Arrange Document

    Arrange Documents of Selected Candidates

  • Candidates Sent for Immigration Security

    2 day's time is taken for the report of GSG for fresh candidates awhile canddiates who have already been to Malaysia will require 10 days time.

  • Passed

    Send for Biometric Checkup

    Failed Stop

    Process Stopped

  • Health Checkup and Biometrics

    Biometric Report

    2 day's time is required to get medical report

  • Passed

    Forward the medical fit GSG cleared documents to Client

    Failed Stop

    Recheck medical after 10 days' medicine

    If the applicant fails again after 10 days, the process is stopped.

  • Final visa steps

    Visa Receipt

    Visa is received from the Employer

  • Orientation

    Orientation is recorded in the system in 2 days

  • Obtain Entry Visa from Embassy

    9 Working Days is required for visa stamping

  • Final Approval by Labor Department

    Last Permission will be out after 1 day and can process to issue ticket for deployment.

  • Final Step

    Ticketing and Deployment

    Deployment can be done within maximum 2 weeks after receiving the original visa.

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