Harvest Moon Travel & Tours

We have placed the highest passenger sales in the country for most of the airlines and have been receiving top agent awards every year. We credit our success to our dedicated staff, strong financial capacity and our strong relationship with both our customers and vendors.

Who we are

Harvest Moon Travels and Tours Pvt. ltd. was established in 1999 as one of the prominent travel agencies in Nepal. it has been running successfully since its interception. The core business of the enterprise is and has always been ticketing, i.e. arranging air travel for customers to all parts of the world. it is a purely service oriented business, and the company objective is servicing the Customers.

Our Work

Harvest Moon Travels and Tours is the top agency that do labor sector sales. We believe in brilliance in all that we do. This dedication to brilliance has led us to deliver consistently higher sales over the years, and has earned us the position distinction of being recognized as one of the topmost and most respected travel and ticketing agencies in the country.

Our Accredition

Harvest Moon Travel is accredited by IATA in 2007 which is a prestigious certification worldwide. The key personnel of company comprise of well known personalities from Nepalese Tourism industry- some serving as long as over 20 years.

We are a member Nepal association of Tour & Travel agents (NATTA). The company’s head office is in Gairidhara Ward Number 2, Kathmandu Nepal in an area of 5000 sq ft.

Our Team

We have a staff of 20 personnel, who are highly competent and dedicated. The overall management of the agency is under direct supervision of Mr. ram Prasad Shrestha, Chairperson of the Company. Harvest Moon Travels & Tours P. ltd is registered under Company registrar Office, Govt. of Nepal, Ministry of Tourism and Civil aviation, Tourisms industry Division.

More information about us

Harvest Moon literally means “the full moon day” is also called Dhanya Purnima dedicated to Annapurna Devi, the goddess of plenty. Harvest Moon Travels & Tours started its operation in 1999 registered under Company registration office of Nepal, Ministry of Tourism and Civil aviation.

Our vision

We strive to stand our self to become top Travel Management Company in Nepal catering any kind of Travel related services meeting the requirement of corporate business and leisure client. We recognize and seize opportunities for growth that builds up on our strengths and competencies.

  • Understand and identify customer interest and meet their needs timely and effectively
  • To effectively service local and multinational clients doing businesses in Nepal or around the world
  • Develop and continue a lasting relationship with our valued customers.
  • Recruit, develop, motivate and retain the best talents in the country and provide them a good working environment
  • Becoming the most admired Travel Company in Nepal

Markets we Operate in

Labour Market

The primary market is labor flow oriented destinations. Passengers travelling to Malaysia, Middle East, and other different countries where Government of Nepal has given permits for labor recruiting are mostly heavy in sales volume. Presently Nepalese workers in Malaysia are above 9,00,000.00 and in Middle East is about 13,00,000 workers.

Diplomat Market

Diplomatic Community represents a significant market for air ticketing. The growing presence of the united Nations and others international Donor agencies in Nepal and their frequent travels plans are encouraging for Travel industry. We are maintaining good relations with these diplomatic communities to gain their trust and do business in win win modality.

Student Market

Student Market with the increasing number of students travelling has become a very important sector in the Nepalese Air Passengers market. However seats availability and competitive rate targeting student community has always been a huge challenge for the airlines operating in Nepal, in order to gain maximum dominance in the market, we are promoting student fare and giving cheaper fare to them.

Potential Market

Potential Market is emerging in air Travel service, where the middle class families are also going for vacation abroad. This trend has build confidence in promoting Tour package among the local Tour operators. at the same time it has also encouraged us to sale air Ticket in special Fare.

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