Wide Space Management Sdn. Bhd. is the leadingĀ & highly recommended manpower recruiting company in Malaysia. Wide Space Management Sdn. Bhd. is committed to provide a reliable & most trusted recruitment service to the employers. We have been supplying various categories of manpower to different part of Malaysia. Our customers are highly satisfied with our professional manpower services.

Apart from Manpower supply we also do travel services to our customers. We give cheap and timely service so that our customer can do proper planning in procuring and sending their workers from source country.

Our Mission & Vision
Wide Space Management Sdn. Bhd. is absolutely dedicated to all our clients in assisting to recruiting various categories of manpower. We give suggestions, counseling and ideas to our clients in all aspects of the business. We anticipates reaching its destination recognizing its stand in the region for the provision of manpower recruiting services to foreign countries. It will be focusing its vision on supporting and strengthening financial position of the workers and catering efficient service to the employer.

Our Team
Management Team and Personnel of Wide Space Management Sdn. Bhd. manpower supply agencies are much talented in their respective areas such as communication, public relation, foreign affairs, knowledge and resources. Our management team has good correspondence with extensive international experience in the field of ‘Foreign Employment Consultant’. It gives more attention to clients’ contentment and satisfaction.

Unless an employer gets the right person, it harms the productivity and can even face loss. We would like to highlight your several prime factors and solutions, which differentiate us from other recruitment manpower companies.

Data Bank
We have our own well-computerized data bank which is up- to- date, accurate and comprehensive. Our agency brings you the exact man you want in almost no time as data helps us to nominate the right person at right time for any kinds of organizations. Information from our data bank history has also helped us to update our service quality.

Mental Aptitude Test
The main purpose for this test is to have an accurate insight about the inner self, his abilities, aptitudes and available potential zones of which even the man might be unaware. We strongly believe not only in hard work but also in smartness of the workers.

Orientation Session
We conduct this session for every selected candidate prior to his departure to reduce the cultural shock and homesickness because these types of shocks can be a negative influence on an individual performance. The kingdom being the abode of Islamic faith, all Muslim or Non-Muslim candidates should be carefully familiar with the principal faith, all local customs, laws and the proper code of conduct. We strongly believe that an aware employee is a happy employee, who performs better. Besides, the employer has the right to demand qualitative workers for the related job from a recruiting agent.

To recruit your workers in all categories and specialization, we undertake full guarantee to select those having excellent experience after being screened, trade tested and medically examined. We also undertake full responsibility for replacement and its expenditures in case any one of our recruited manpower falls short of your expectations. If you decide to send your representative to select your workers, we are ready to make available required number of applicants duly supported with the required documents in a well-equipped trade-testing center, with modern facilities to review your candidates.

We believe that our principles expect us to be not just a supplier of manpower but a genuine partner to establish fair business relationship worldwide and rapid prosperity.

We include a list of recent valued patrons, representing a wide spectrum of industries from manufacturing to construction. In order to enable you subsidize our services, we mention the names and contact numbers of our clients who will gladly recommend our manpower company for better service.

Within a short span of time, it has been able to offer jobs to maximum number of Nepalese workers in gulf countries. From the beginning, we have been receiving demand from companies of different countries to supply human resources.

This adequately proves that we have performed better professional service in supplying competent human resources to the employers. LANDMARK has been appointed and has served as the recruiting agent in Nepal for numerous well reputed and well established companies abroad.

About our workers
Most of our workers of various categories are very young and can speak English read and write. They are all healthy and pleasant looking. Most of them passed basic schooling and above. All of them are very honest, well-disciplined, hardworking and faithful. Apart from this, mainly we are holding a good pool of ex-army, security guards & Civil Trained Guards duties in any kinds of establishments such as banks, embassy’s, VIP residents, hotels, Airports, companies, industries, supermarkets etc.