Warm greetings from the land of Himalayas, Nepal.


Sixteen years since our founding in 1999, have been a journey I will always remember with pride and satisfaction. I am grateful to all our stakeholders and well-wishers, who are and were associated with Harvest Moon Group, in making our journey so rewarding. Special gratitude to our Clients, Financial partners, Travel and Trade Partners and above all our dedicated staff for their unwavering trust and support.


We started Travel Business from a very small unit, our belief and persistent emphasis on taking learning as life-long process, making business decision relevant to real world, and addressing our clients and Travels and Trade Partner’s requirements have paid off wonderfully. It has been heartening to see our clients’ satisfaction. Equally heartening has it been to see our staff making and becoming more sincere and professional at their work.


We believe in the wisdom of Ingvar Kamprad, the IKEA founder, “The most dangerous poison is the feeling of achievement.


Most things still remain to be done.” In the years to follow design and delivery of higher quality service will go through sweeping change. Technology will play much more integral role. And what made our last 16 years so rewarding will not be enough to ensure our survival, let alone growth and development, in the future. We will continue to guard and nurture our values of honesty in work, sincerity in relationship, respect for self and others, responsibility for one’s actions, and adherence to regulations which have been the keys to our successes so far. But we will also open ourselves to new partnership and new collaboration so that we will continue to raise the standard and opportunities of higher service to our Clients.


Ram Prasad Shrestha
Harvest Moon Group